My first taste of Konya…

1 Aug

After touring the in-laws house, we headed to downtown Konya to look for some spices.  This was my first time to really get out and explore downtown, and to really experience the CRAZY traffic/drivers that make up Turkey!  While following my Anne from vendor to vendor as she inspected the “goods” and haggled the price…I snapped a few pictures.

Mosque at dusk, downtown Konya

The street where we shopped

Another street, and a food cart {these were everywhere!}

Seriously, everywhere we turned there was a food cart.  Most of them were selling fresh fruits and veggies, there were other that sold corn {!?}, and simit {a pastry kind of like a pretzel}.  Now I understand why my husband gets so annoyed when we are shopping and there is no easy way to “grab” something quick to eat.  This is why I think I will start carrying a husband bag {you know, like a diaper bag for grown-ups} so we are always snack equipped.

There were also people who would walk down the streets carrying trays of tea to people.  No matter where you are in Turkey you will be offered tea {which is not a good think if you are afraid to use the public restrooms}.  I tried to get a picture of one of these guys, but for some reason I never did 😦

Nuts, dried fruits, and spices for sale

After we finished shopping we got back in the car, and pulled out into crazy traffic.  I was starving, and was begging my stomach to stop growling, when the car was parked.  I thought we were making another stop, and silenced a groan!  To my surprise we had stopped to eat.  Ilker told me that we had come to a restaurant that serves the food that Konya is most known for.  {In Turkey, food is extremely regional} I must admit that I don’t have any idea what it is called {actually, I don’t think that I even asked}, but luckily Wikipedia does!!!

  • Etliekmek — some sort of long pizza (with meat or cheese) which can possibly exceed 1 mt in length! Available at a lot of restaurants in Konya.

Famous in Konya!

This was awesome.  You order one “pizza” per person at the table, and it comes out on this long board {that I am guessing is also what is cooked on}.  Everyone claims there “pizza” and digs in.  It tastes fabulous, and is perfect with Ayran, which is a drink of watered down yogurt with salt and a bit of garlic.  Yes, I know, it sounds gross.  However, it is fantastic.  Seriously, I absolutely LOVE to drink it!  Especially in the summer. mmmm…  Still shaking your head?  Well come over and we will convert you….to becoming an Ayran drinker!

One more shot with the Ayran!


On the way home, we saw this bridge all lit up.  And even though it had only been 2 days,  didn’t even have to ask Baba to pull over….he just did automatically so I could get out and take a picture!  Ha…no language barrier there!



2 Responses to “My first taste of Konya…”

  1. Mimi August 1, 2011 at 9:56 pm #

    Ayran sounds a lot like buttermilk (the liquid left after churning butter) It used to be very
    popular, esp. in the summer when it is hot. I remember all my old relatives drinking it.

    • beingjacquio August 4, 2011 at 10:14 pm #


      Ayran is pretty thin, not thick like buttermilk. You and grandpa should come visit us this fall. We can take you to see the leaves in the mountains, and then we will make you a Turkish dinner complete with Ayran 🙂


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