Day 4

18 Jul

One of the really cool things about this trip is that it gave me a chance to immerse myself in a new culture.  Even though this culture represents 1/2 of my household, it was pretty awesome to experience it and observe it 100%…and try to take notes 🙂

There were lots of things that I observed that really sparked feelings/interest in me wanting to change some of my/our current practices.

One of these things related to shopping.  Throughout our relationship, Ilker and I have often butted heads with our shopping practices.  Ilker is all about quality.  He doesn’t hesitate to pay a higher price for something that is a better quality.  I, on the other hand, sometimes prefer quantity.  Especially if it includes clothes.

One our first shopping trip, I learned that Ilker gets this totally honestly.  On the fourth day our mission was to find the hubs a wedding outfit.  We went to mall in search of the perfect suit! Ilker’s mom {who I will refer to as Anne from now on} touched every single suit each sales person showed us-judging the quality of the material before Ilker would even try it on.  Only once the material was deemed to be a good quality, would Ilker try on the suit.

It was amazing to watch.

See, clothes are pretty expensive in Turkey…and the mentality is definitely that it is better to buy better quality clothes so that you have to buy them less often.  This is definitely another practice that I am going to start using in my own life…though it will be difficult at first, I am definitely going to start focusing on quality over quantity in our spending.

Finally, after a full day of shopping…my hubby was handsomely outfitted.

After shopping, we headed to Ilker’s parents’ new house to get the official tour! And I have lotsa pictures of that for yall!

The outside of the building

As I just updated this picture in the post, I realized that I should maybe explain the housing situation.  Like NYC, most everyone lives in flats within a condo.  For the most part, everyone owns their own flat.  There are no houses in the cities, only in the villages (which are really more like small suburbs).

Ok glad we got that cleared up…now lets finish the tour!

Courtyard, across from the front door to the building

Entry Hall

Check out all of those built ins!!!

Living Room

The Dining Room...and the hubby's head 🙂

Mine and Ilker's room...notice the clothes on the floor already 🙂

Ilknur's room-check out those awesome built-ins!!

Awesome balcony, with windows, off of Ilknur's room

{I know, I know…I also thought it was unfair that she got the room with the balcony.  Obviously, we know who the favorite child is here, huh?! 🙂 }

The Parents room

This wardrobe was incredible.  The doors slid open pretty much automatically, with the slightest touch.  And lights automatically come on, and there are these different cubbies for organizing.   I mean it was unbelivable!

So, you may have noticed a theme here.  The built-ins and all the opportunities for organization {built in to the HOUSE} made me swoon…and I didn’t know that organization would make me swoon…but apparently it does!  I can’t wait to see house they finish decorating everything and watch the space as it comes along.  I will admit one thing, the idea of ever taking some baby Ozcelik’s there, does make me a bit nervous…did you see all that white?!?


2 Responses to “Day 4”

  1. Margaret July 22, 2011 at 7:05 pm #

    Beautiful home! I, too, love the wardrobe in the master bedroom. What we could not see are the beds. Did they move in recently? Was that roll in you bedroom floor a kind of pallet? And the dining furniture and cabinet is gorgeous!

    Love the pictures and story. Waiting for more!

    • beingjacquio July 27, 2011 at 8:11 pm #

      Mom, they haven’t officially moved in yet…so there are no beds. We didn’t actually stay there, just visited {and shot photos}!

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