Some things that I have learned

29 Jun

1. Marrying your hubby for the fourth time will still feel like the first.
2. Never under estimate the power of a good friend. My friend Hatice made my wedding day by being there for me…a familiar face who kept me calm and stayed by my side. I was a lucky girl that she was able to be there!
3. In Turkey, a genuine smile will definitely smooth over any situation! {huge smile while thinking I have no freaking clue what you are saying!}
4. My mother in law and I have similar taste….which is awesome!
5. Most people here prefer using the Turkish toilet?!
6. I don’t crave coffee as much as I thought I would.
7. Food is so cheap here {probably due to the socialism thing} ….but seriously a watermelon is like 50 cents, and 2 pounds of tomatoes are $1.50.
8. Food tastes sooooooo good here, the produce is so fresh and just unbelievable.
9. It is awesome to be somewhere where you are surrounded by mountains.
10. An American bride is a novelty, and everyone will think you are cute 🙂
11. When you spend almost 2 weeks with people, on whom you are completely dependent…there exists very little privacy.
12. My husband is so patient, and has been so wonderful throughout this whole week….seriously, he might be a saint.
13. Even though it wasn’t the first time, my hubby still gets teary-eyed at the sight of me in a wedding dress.
14. It is impossible for me to live out of a suitcase neatly!
15. I keep forgetting that I am in another country, and know now, that I can belong here!

I hope everyone is having a good day!


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