A quick update

28 Jun

My dear friends and family,
I apologize for the absence…things here have been busy and Internet connections have been spotty. I will list a few quick updates throughout the rest of my trip and have decided to save full updates until after I get back…as this is really more feasible.


1. We are officially married again! It was really nerve wrecking and a lot of fun, with a hoop skirt, big poufy dress, and a lot of dancing.
2. My henna night was also a blast! It was one of the events that I was most nervous about, as none of the women in Ilker’s family speak English. As it turns out, Ilker’s mom decided to make it a joint henna night, so he was there with me. We danced the night away, and all of the women were so amused by me, I forgot to be nervous. In the end, it turned out that all I needed to do was have fun, and they al forgave me anything else I didn’t know!
3. I have been told repeatedly that I am a much better Turkish dancer than Ilker. Even by the woman that sang at our wedding, and most everyone there agreed with her!
4. Everyone’s expectations for my communicating ability are sooooooo low, that they are immensely impressed by the words I do know…which has been brilliant for my self confidence.
5. 4 very dear friends of our were able to come to our wedding…which made me feel like I did have family there and made me feel so much better! Ilker says they represented my side at the wedding, And Fatih and Hatice were there….who were also at our first wedding in Syracuse! I was also able to meet and spend some time with some of Ilker’s friends from undergrad, and am so excited to get to know them better in the future!
6. ilker’s grandfather danced with me at our wedding….which is apparently a pretty high ( if not the highest) compliment of acceptance.
9. I got two of the most beautiful pairs of shoes for our wedding…..Caroline you WILL be jealous πŸ™‚
10. Ilker got the most fabulous new suit, and I am already trying to find excuses for him to wear it more often when we get home…for he looks so handsome in it. Isn’t it about time for someone else to get married πŸ™‚
11. We have eaten so much spectacular food, that I don’t even know how to describe it. Yesterday on the way home, we had these cherries ( that we just picked) and I swear to you…I have never tasted any fruit so good in my life!
12. Food is so cheap here..I will elaborate more on that later!

Ok, I suppose that is enough for now! I will upload some pictures tonight…hope y’all have a great day!



One Response to “A quick update”

  1. Margaret O'Neill June 28, 2011 at 11:00 pm #

    So happy to have your update! I am very glad to hear that your trip is amazing every step of the way. I am so proud of you! Can’t wait to hear more adventures. Love you both, Mom

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