Day 1 of never-ending travel….

20 Jun

Leading up to our departure we have a few super stressful situations that made it feel like leaving was going to be impossible. However, at noon we were finally on our way!

Sorry, this post won’t have any pictures, because they are all on my phone…which I am leaving of. But for that sake of posterity 🙂 I will share the details anyway!

We got to the airport early, and decided to go ahead and park at the airport and check our luggage before going to the park and fly lot. It’s a good thing we did, as we were greeted by mass chaos at American Airlines. In an effort to gain some control, an American agent was pushing (forcing) people to check in via kiosk. I got checked in, but Ilker had to check in at the counter…which meant that we did not have seats together for the trip from Chicago to Turkey…bad news!

Here I have to tell y’all the we received the most amazing customer service from Turkish airlines! Once we arrived in Chicago and asked about getting seats together, we found out that the flight was totally full. Once the gate started filling with people, they actually paged passengers to ask them if they would give up their seats so we could sit together! One guy said yes, and with that we were on out way!

The flight was not as hard as I thought it would be. However, my motto that I will always be able to sleep on a nothing that moves, failed me. I had a hard time sleeping…perhaps nerves/excitement?! And watched movies to help the time pass..and kept a close eye on the map that tracked our flight. It was bizarre, because we traveled north if chicago and over Canada before crossing the ocean….juust as we were beginning to cross the ocean I fell asleep.

Ok, enough of the boring travel details….tomorrow I will write about our first days in Turkey…and all of the emotions that came with them!!



One Response to “Day 1 of never-ending travel….”

  1. Margaret O'Neill June 20, 2011 at 9:46 pm #

    The adventure has begun… Enjoy.

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