Week One, Day Three

20 Oct

When I finished running on Thursday, my knee was bothering me.  I assumed that it was just sore from starting to run, took some advil and dismissed it.  When it still hurt/bothered me on Saturday, I decided to forgo my run until I could get a knee brace-to avoid hurting myself.

So today, armed with a knee brace, I headed to the gym after work…even though I had had a crap day, and all I really wanted to do was have a gab session and here all about my friend’s recent proposal…but I postponed the phone call until tomorrow and put on my running shoes.

As I was warming up…both of my knees immediately started hurting…in the same place, same way, same intensity.  I thought it was strange…stopped to do some more intense stretching…and worked on altering my stride and posture to see if it would make a difference.  Yes they hurt, but it still just felt like they were sore from exercising, and I felt determined to ignore it.

THEN-my little British friend told me to run….and I thought I was going to cry.  Immediately the pain became worse…and though I was able to finish my workout {still not sure if that was smart or not} the pain was there and I was focused on it the WHOLE time.  Since it is the same in both knees I think it either has to be the case of either being out of shape, or that I am doing something wrong.  Ilker told me to “google it”, but I am afraid of the results and what I may convince myself is wrong…

So, I have spent the evening elevating and icing

and hoping that this will help.  So far….it hasn’t.  Any suggestions out there?  Do’s and Dont’s that I should be considering?  I don’t want to hurt myself…but I also don’t want to give up if it is just the result of being out of shape.  Right now I am planning to just listen to my body…but I would love to hear {read?} some other suggestions.


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