I would like to dedicate this post to Lilly and Angie

19 Oct

So a couple of weeks ago I was sitting on my friend Lilly’s couch.  I was complaining about how out of shape I have become since college, and my lack of motivation to do anything about it.  I hated recognizing that I had no energy to exercise…because I didn’t exercise…but still feeling at a loss to do anything about it.

Finally, Lilly interrupted my whining and proposed that we do the Cooper River Bridge Run together…in the Spring.  We can train “together” {though we live 3 hour apart} and be each other’s cheerleaders to keep up with the training-she persuaded me.  Though I am not a runner, nor I have I really been {as I am super self conscious of how red my face gets} I left her house agreeing to run a 10K in the spring.

And then I pretended like it didn’t happen!

I looked into some training programs, and thought about going to gym…but I didn’t

Then, in a chain of family emails, my sister Angie was bragging about her new-found love for running.  Without going into the craziness that are my family chain emails…she encouraged me to train to run a 5K with her at Thanksgiving.  She sent me emails and texts telling me that I could do it, and telling me how much better I would feel.

She bugged me 🙂

So, I did some research and found this couch to 5K program that many others were having success with.  I downloaded the app, packed a gym bag and headed to the gym.  I kept myself focused on the gym all day, and told my co-workers I was going…to force some accountability.  I finally made it to the gym and started the program.

…Now let’s talk about this program.  It is so cool.  The basic idea is that you do walking/jogging in intervals to build up your muscles and stamina week by week.  When you turn the app on, a voice {mine’s a British woman} tells you what to do.  She tells you how long you will either run/walk; and when to switch.  She essentially takes the thinking out of it…which was awesome for me.  For the first week you rung for 1 1/2 minutes, and then jog for 1 minute…8 times.

…OK back to my gym trip.  Being the smarty pants that I am, I parked like a 10 min walk away from the gym thinking that would be my warm-up.  Well, I was winded by the time I got there.  Awesome!  I finally found my way to the track to find that there were 4 other impressive runners, already using it.  I began my walk, and then tackled my first jog.  Seriously, by the first jog my legs were already burning and I was breathing heavy.  By the time I finished my 4th run I thought I was going to have to stop.  This is where the app was awesome…because I didn’t have to think about how long I was running {ok slowly jogging} I just had to focus on keeping one foot moving in front of the other until she said to walk.  As a result, I didn’t get discouraged, I didn’t think about how ridiculous I look compared to the other runners, and I tried really hard not to think about how red my face was {and it was really red!} Instead I focused on my music and putting one foot in front of the other.

And I finished it.  And I didn’t die  In fact, I felt great afterwards. I knew that exercising would give me more energy, but I wasn’t really ready for how much energy it would give me immediately.  It was A-mazing!

So tonight, aside from sharing this awesome program with you, and telling you to go download it now if you want to start running, I am making all of you my accountability partners as I train for this Spring 10K with Lilly.

And Lilly and Angie….thank you so much for giving me the kick in the bum I needed 🙂


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