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Fast Food Nation…Not Here!

14 Sep

A couple of weeks ago, I started reading Fast Food Nation…and it has literally changed my life!

This book is astounding people, the information is overwhelmingly disgusting…it has changed my entire point of view about eating out.  I sort of felt this way when I read Skinny Bitch, however, the changes that book wanted to incite in people was too much for me.  Giving up cheese…just not an option.

This book, however, has the tone of informing.  Eric Schlosser’s writing is so matter-of-fact and laden with anger; but there is also this desire to inform and uncover the truth.  I would encourage EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN to read this book…and to really take the information to heart.

I wanted to share some of the facts and figures that have really spoken to me thus far…

A generation ago 75% of the money that Americans spent on food was spent on groceries and food to be prepared into meals at home; today 50% of the money spent on food is spent on eating out.

96% of American school children can identify Ronald McDonald {I am curious how many of them can identify the President}

A person can now go from birth to the grave without ever spending money supporting independent/local businesses.  Everything is commercialized!

Aside from salad greens and tomatoes, most food from a fast food restaurant is delivered frozen, canned, or freeze dried.

The foods we eat have been changed more in the past 40 years…than in the previous 40,000 years.  “Fast food” has been designed to taste good

The US has more prison inmates than full-time farmers.

The Federal Government does NOT have the power to recall contaminated/potentially lethal meat.

So, as I said….this book has really gotten me thinking about supporting local farmers, supporting independent businesses, not supporting fast food, and focusing on our eating habits as a whole.  The Farmers Market in Syracuse is absolutely unbelievable.  Seriously it is my most favorite thing to do in the summer, and whenever I think of leaving it, I kind of want to cry.   It is mine and Ilker’s number one date very week {but more on the later}  I found this website, and urge yall to look for local farmers markets, and support your local farmer, and each local produce, and enjoy!


Iyi Bayramlar

9 Sep

Today is the Turkish holiday Seker Bayrami, or the festival of breaking the fast.  It is a 3 1/2 day celebration that represents the end of Ramadan.  The Turks celebrate this holiday much in the same way we celebrate Thanksgiving.  It is important to spend time with friends and family, to focus on being thankful and being with family.

Bear with me, this post is a long one.  First, I would like to share my fasting experience with you.  Last year, I attempted to fast for Ramadan; and while I got off the a good start, I crashed and burned early and stopped fasting after the first week and a half.  This year, I was determined to be successful, to fast for the whole month.  And then it was time to start, the first day snuck up on us, as we had the wrong day circled on the calendar.  So the first day was hard, I wasn’t prepared, wasn’t able to slowly come down from my caffeine addiction-I wasn’t ready.  Then, I became bogged down in my emotions and feelings I was having post-move.  I became fixated on my weight and depressed about not having a job…I felt bad and a bit doomed to fail.  I finally forced myself to do some thinking.  My thinking led me to the reason for Ramadan.  Ramadan is about focusing on your individual spirituality, about being thankful and patient, and about being selfless.

I realized that I had been fasting because I felt like I needed to, because I felt like it was the right thing to do. However, with that mindset….it wasn’t.  So, I began to embrace my spirituality and the meaning of Ramadan…and it became easier.  Yes, I still struggled…but for me, I think the struggle was important.

And so today, I am really celebrating Seker Bayrami, because this past month was a month of great accomplishment for me.  Not just because I successfully fasted, but because I spent a lot of time with myself, and feeling ready and energized to tackle this next year.  I have realized that my spirituality will help me get through this down time in my life and stay focused; and forced me to really think about what I want to do with my life, rather than just doing something because it is a job.

So, after this introspection {I’m sorry this post is so long} I have decided to seriously consider pursuing photography as a career.  I have been putting together an online portfolio, agreeing to do some photo shoots, and contacting local photographers to see if they need assistants.  I am lucky, though I am scared and apprehensive about this move, Ilker is 100% supportive and encouraging and helping me bite this bullet.  So, you will notice a new addition to the blog-a link to my portfolio on the sidebar.  Please check it out..and let me know what you think!