So Long Farewell…

24 Jun

On Saturday, my husband left for Turkey.  He will be there for about 7 weeks, or so, visiting family and friends.  Originally, I was going to be with him this summer.  But, by a twist of fate, we got the opportunity to move back to South Carolina…and decided to jump!  With an impending move and job change, we {ok mostly I} decided that I needed to stay home and organize, pack, and try to keep my sanity.  This all happened in a short amount of time, but I thought I was prepared to tell him goodbye and hold down the fort for myself.  I thought I would relish in watching my girl movies, girl TV shows, and crafting {while also packing!}.  I thought I could appreciate the time to myself, to prepare for another life change.  I thought since 3 of the first 4 months of our relationship were spent with an ocean between us, this would be a piece of cake.

I thought wrong.

This sucks.  No matter how mentally prepared and ready I thought I was, I wasn’t.  This experience has already taught me so much.  About myself, about my husband, and about our relationship.  And its only been 4 days…

But during these 4 days, he was traveling, which meant limited communication and questions about when the next communication would be.  It meant having faith that planes would fly, trains and buses would travel, and he would arrive and depart safely from every destination….without any actual verification.  This required me to calm down my overactive imagination, say some prayers, practice some yoga and have faith.  And this was hard.  But it was also extremely eye opening.

It has made me so much more aware of the string of emotions that the spouses and families of our militaries.  It has given me so much more appreciation, respect, and empathy for them and the sacrifices they make.

So with 6 weeks left, I have made a list of things I want to accomplish for myself {and ultimately my marriage} while I am alone.  Since making a huge decision, and packing up my life to move to Syracuse and get married, I have not had any lengthy alone time.

And I think continuing that train of thought will have to wait for tomorrow’s post…as this one is QUITE long already.

So stay tuned for my plans for introspection…


One Response to “So Long Farewell…”

  1. Mimi June 24, 2010 at 2:57 pm #

    Jacqui, Using time wisely for self improvement is time well spentand will make you a happier person in the long run.
    While I was living alone in Flushing, NY Jim was transferred
    to Washington on a project. I had to see to the packing and
    moving, since we were being moved to Albuq. NM in a few
    months. I bundled up my 3 mos. old, a neighbor took us to the airport and we caught a plane to St Paul, to stay with my
    mother-in-law until Jim made it to NM, found us an apt. and gotrelocated. By Thanksgiving I decided I had to see my husbandand they put me on a plane to Albuq. with Jimmy in my lap. (Old fashion rules.) Oh yes, I forgot to mention ;^) I was pg with your Dad, whose birth date was to be around the end of Dec.
    You know the rest of the story – I got us set up in an apt.,
    found a Ob. and we had our Christmas in a new town without
    friends or family while we waited for John, who arrived a month
    late under dangerous conditions. Of course you know the Pt.
    I’m making – people do these things all the time and now you
    are one of those people and you will manage fine. Love you!

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