Newest home improvement-ish project

28 May

A long, long time ago, when I was still in undergrad….I was a lazy bum one summer.  Jobless and broke, I spent my days at home {without cable} trying to keep myself occupied until my friends all got off work.  It was during this summer that I discovered Martha {as her show was not on cable}  One of the first shows I remember watching, she made this jewelry hanger…. and I have always had one hanging in my room.  I love how it is practical and looks kinda like a piece of art…perfection.

Here is my final product…

My finished jewelry hanger

And heres a quick how-to…

You will need:

A wooden frame {any size you’d like}


Ribbon that coordinates with your paint color

small nails or cup hooks

a staple gun

a hammer

First, I bought a wooden frame from the thrift store {it must be wooden!}.  Then I took out the back and the glass {and stowed it away for safe keeping!}

Removing the backing and then the glass

Next, if you so desire, paint the frame a pretty color 🙂

I chose Coral

Once the frame is entirely painted and dry, move it to a flat surface, and turn the front side down

i painted both sides....

Then, with your ribbon and staple gun…staple one end of the ribbon on the right side of the frame {so that it will stretch across longways}

Stapled ribbon

Then pull the ribbon as tight as you can, all the way across, and staple again.  Repeat process as many times as you desire.  These ribbons will be what you hang your earrings one.  I had three rows on mine.

I added one vertical ribbon for visual interest

Then flip the frame over so the front is facing you, and begin hammering in the small nails {or cup hooks}.  These will be what your necklaces hang on…so keep that in mind when spacing them apart.

Unevenly spaced nails

Then Voila, you have your jewelry hanger!


One Response to “Newest home improvement-ish project”

  1. Lilly June 11, 2010 at 2:36 pm #

    I remember yours from Quail Hollow!! Wonderful idea and totally beats those tiny jewelry armoires that can’t hold anything!! You have inspired me – I feel motivated to create my own. Sounds like a good summer project, while await some news on a job 🙂

    Talk to you sometime next week!!

    Love ya!

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