Niagara Falls, NY {the Maid of the Mist}

25 May

The Bridge where we were just standing!

After seeing the falls for the first time, we got on a ferry to get a MUCH closer look.  The Maid of the Mist, is a definite must!

About to board the boat

According to our guide, these boats got their name from an Indian legend.  The legend is that there was an Indian princess who was set to marry another Indian in the tribe, only she didn’t want to.  So instead of marry him, she got in a canoe and went over the Horseshoe falls.  It is believed that he spirit survived in the mist.

The boats let give you a view like no other as your get insanely close to the falls.

All dressed up and ready to go 🙂

Plus they GIVE you these really awesome blue panchos! {and ours are still in the trunk}

Ok back to the view…

American and Bridal Veil Falls

Can you tell how windy it was?

Handsome Hubby 🙂

The first of many wet dog looks

HorseShoe Falls (the main falls, on the Canadian side)

More HorseShoe Falls

Up REAL close to HorseShoe Falls

I had no idea we were going to get THAT close to the falls, but it was truly amazing.  I kept wondering how we weren’t getting sucked under or something…but seeing as how these boats have been operating since the 30s…I figured that someone else must have already found the answer to that question.

FUN FACT: Presently, only 50% of the water actually goes over the falls.  The other 50% is diverted to power plants, to generate electricity.  Of that 50%, 25% goes to the US and 25% to Canada.  At night and in the winter only 25% of the water goes over the falls.  This manipulation is actually saving the falls, as the water going full force over would erode the rock REALLY quickly.  As it is today, the falls have moved back 8 miles from their original “birth” location.

**I can NOT imagine how powerful they would be at full force over.


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