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Martha Martha Martha!

27 Apr

As many of you may know, I am a huge Martha Stewart fan.  So huge, that my cats are name Martha and Stewart!

So, I was ecstatically happy when this book recently made its way into my house ūüôā

I am so ridiculously excited to start a project! ¬†I plan to eventually work my way through most of the book….as everything is soo brilliant! ¬†However, I will first start with the 5 or so I already have bookmarked!


{an attempt to} make under my life

27 Apr

I don’t remember how exactly, but I discovered the blog MakeUnder My Life a few weeks ago. ¬†I think it was fate…our meeting. ¬†You see, I come from a family of collectors. ¬†We love stuff, and seem to have a hard time getting rid of it once we have acquired it. ¬†I form a sentimental attachment to, well everything. ¬† Generally, this has led to cluttered homes filled to the brim with things that make me smile and remind me of fun times and people that I love.

However, my new husband….not so into clutter ¬†AT ALL! {unless it is a cardbox that once housed an appliance, but more on that later!} ¬†So the compromises have begun, and I have tried to de-clutter our {ok mostly my} life.

The one thing I love about Jess’ blog is that she talks about how everything should cycle. ¬†Out with the old, to make room for the new. ¬†In the spirit of cycling, she has exfoliation Fridays. ¬†Once a week she {and all of her fabu readers} de-clutter an area of their life. ¬†Its small. ¬†Not a 5 hour closet clean out, or a house wrecking demo…but small areas of your life and home that are examined at the end of the week and something has got to go!

I love this idea, and all of its baby-stepness. ¬†Its manageable, and while it won’t give us instant change…it will definitely give us improvement. ¬†And we will move toward a less cluttered house, with less of an emphasis on stuff. ¬†We will focus on keeping and collecting meaningful objects…and recycling them once they are no longer meaningful.

So my fellow STUFF collectors….go check out MML NOW…and start exfoliating!

I promise not to post too many of these, but…

15 Apr

Tonight I was playing with creating Faux through the viewfinder photographs.¬† In older cameras, the viewfinders are awesome!¬† They have a grid to aid in focusing, and often look quite worn…such as this one

View through an "old fashioned" viewfinder

I was reading through some photography blogs last week, and discovered the phenomenon of Through The Viewfinder Photography {TTV}, which is where a digital camera is used to capture an image through the viewfinder of an older, medium format camera.¬† I am dying to attempt this in reality…but have not forced myself out quite yet.¬† So in the meantime, I created a faux creation, giving me a similar look.¬† Not only do I love this because of the vintage vibe…but I also love how it is a natural progression to my thesis work that I completed a few years ago {and thus may be just the kick in the tail I need to get motivated again}

So, I share with you my top wedding day images of just Ilker and I…I am so please with how they turned out!¬† Now I am just thinking of ways {non-obnoxious ways} to display them in my house!


15 Apr

I love the idea of blogging.¬† For myself, I am disconnected from my family and a lot of my friends geographically.¬† We are all busy and while we often do a good job of keeping in touch, and keeping each aprised of all the important details…I find that I miss the unimportant details, and everyone’s musing {if you will}.¬† So, I decided {after a failed first attemp here} to resume blogging.¬† My hope is that I can keep you, my pretties, informed, inspired, and entertained…while I attempt to be funny and spill my guts on the interwebs!

So pour yourself a cup of coffee, preferably in one of these….

Kate Spade Demitasse Cups

and¬† here’s to many great “conversations” and inspirations to come…

Hello world!

14 Apr

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!